Lead Management Services


EMS provides a full range of Lead Based Paint (LBP) consulting services ranging from site inspections to detailed risk assessment and hazard analyses, personnel monitoring, remedial activity management and cleanup documentation. EMS Lead Based Paint Division has a staff of trained personnel to provide comprehensive services to help reduce environmental lead exposure and the related liability of such exposures.

EMS provides the following lead management services:

1.XRF Lead-Based Paint Inspection

2.Dust Wipes sampling

3.Dismissal of Lead based Pant NYC HPD and NYC Department of Health Violations.

4.Apartment Inspection and Preparation of Required Documents for Exemption from NYC Law 1.

5.Lead based Paint Risk Assessment.

6.Remedial Recommendations.

7.Lead-Based paint Abatement Design.

8.Ambient Air Monitoring.

9.Personal Air Monitoring.

10. OSHA Compliance Documentation.  


Inspections for LBP are conducted in commercial, industrial, structural, educational and residential facilities. Locations of LBP are determined by bulk sampling and laboratory analysis or on-site analysis using an X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) Analyzer. Wipe samples are collected to determine the extent of contamination, likelihood of exposure, and acceptable clearance criteria for lead abatement projects. 


EMS personnel evaluate various alternatives when a LPB hazard is identified. Factors taken into consideration regarding remediation of the LBP hazard include budgetary constraints, regulatory compliance protocols, cost effectiveness, and feasibility.

EMS personnel will work closely with the client to prepare plans and specifications for a well executed abatement project. Project managers provide oversight of the operation to ensure complete and effective remedial actions are performed.

Detailed electronic project drawings can be prepared by our staff of CADD operators and field personnel. Final project specifications combine site layout with detailed work performance strategies to provide complete project control.


EMS has managed hundreds of abatement projects for a variety of clients providing services such as assisting in the selection of an abatement contractor through to obtaining the final post-abatement clearance certification.

EMS will supervise the entire abatement process to ensure it is conducted in accordance with the technical specification and all applicable federal, state and local regulations. This procedure includes performing continuous on-site supervision during abatement to ensure necessary compliance, OSHA compliance monitoring during abatement to determine worker exposure, area monitoring to ensure the integrity of the containment in maintained, and ensuring proper on-site storage of abated material prior to disposal.

After the abatement has been completed, visual inspections will be performed to ensure all visible dust and debris have been removed, and that all surfaces requiring abatement have been addressed. After final cleanup and repainting, surface wipe testing will be conducted.

At the completion of the project EMS will provide a report outlining the abatement processes. This report typically includes all on-site observations pertaining to the job, names of employees monitoring the job, sampling dates, methods of analysis, concentrations and detection limits. Acceptable air and wipe sample results and a satisfactory final inspection will enable clearance to be granted.

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