EMS has extensive experience in providing services associated with management of Asbestos Containing Building Materials (ACBM) in New York State and New Jersey.

EMS offers the following Asbestos Management Services:

* Asbestos Survey

* Asbestos Abatement Planning and Design Services

* Abatement Project Monitoring and 3rd Party Air Monitoring.

* Operation and Maintenance Program Development



The first step is the identification of asbestos containing materials (ACM) and assessing their quantity and conditions.

EMS has developed an assessment program that provides the information required to formulate an effective response plan. It consists of the following steps:

1.      Review of all available drawings and plans in order to determine the scope of construction work throughout the building/structure and to determine the materials which will be impacted by demolition, renovation or remodeling work. 

2.      Visual inspections of all accessible areas of the facility in order to identify   the suspect ACM and determine the homogenous areas.

3.      All homogenous areas are assessed for:

* Friabilty of the material

* Quantity

 * Material Condition

4.      All homogenous areas of the suspect ACM will be sampled following AHERA or EPA Sampling Protocol 

5.      The samples then analyzed utilizing Polarized Light Microscopy (PLM) and Transmission Electronic Microscopy (TEM) with dispersion staining, refractive indices and morphological techniques.

5.      With information gathered from the inspection and bulk sample analysis results, recommendations are formulated for the handling of ACM in the facility.