EMS Project Designers consult with the client to establish priorities. When exploring abatement options for our clients, complete removal is not the only choice. EMS presents our clients with various alternatives when ACM is identified. EMS Project Designers work with the client to understand the client's concerns and budgetary constraints. After weighing the options, our design staff works with the client to pick an option such as removal, encapsulation, patch and repair, operation and maintenance (O&M) or enclosure that provides a solution to the problem. EMS remediation designs have included everything from selection of a contractor to planning, scheduling and coordination to public relations management.

Our experienced design professionals provide a range of services from preliminary sketches of projects to detailed prints of the work site. Final plans typically complement specifications, combining layout with detailed abatement strategy. Our Computer Aided Drafting and Design (CADD) staff works together with the Project Designer to quickly get the project information into the right hands.


To minimize potential liabilities and the possibility of creating hazardous health conditions, EMS provides project monitoring and third party air sampling services for asbestos abatement projects. EMS acts on behalf of the client to ensure Abatement Contractor compliance with technical specifications, abatement drawings and all applicable federal, state and local regulations.

Fully trained Project Monitors (PM) and Air Sampling Technicians (AST) are provided on-site during all stages of the abatement process from work area preparation through the abatement completion. These experienced field personnel are responsible for conducting air monitoring before, during and after an asbestos abatement. PM and AST's keep a daily log of all significant events and happening at the work site. These documents are made part of the final report.

Supported by our Project Management Team, the PM/AST's keep the client informed about project status, new developments and daily air sample results.

Air sample results analyzed by either Phase Contrast Microscopy (PCM) or Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) are available within 24 hours of collection. Faster turnaround times can be arranged to facilitate the re-occupancy of the work area when the project is complete. After the project is completed, EMS provides a report, which includes all sampling results, daily construction logs and dates and methods of analysis.